The Olivia Beth Cornell Memorial Scholarship

From the Support LePort Team

The Olivia Beth Cornell Memorial Scholarship is the direct result of the dedication of Chris and Kristy Cornell. Chris and Kristy’s daughter, Olivia Beth, was born on July 17, 2012 when an unplanned ultrasound detected fluid in her lungs. Diagnosed with an uncommon condition called hydrops fetalis and a rare blood disease, Olivia lived for 27 days against all odds. If Olivia were alive, she would have attended LePort Schools for as long as possible. The purpose of the Olivia Beth Cornell Memorial Scholarship is to provide that same opportunity for a child in need. The recipient of this scholarship will not only walk in her footsteps, but will also have the opportunity to tell Olivia’s story and her strength to guide herself through the most important years of development.

After months of waiting for the “right” recipient to cross our paths, Richelle called our school about enrolling her daughter. After speaking with her several times, we were impressed with her desire to provide the best education possible for her daughter. Richelle reached out to establish a relationship with us and we encouraged her to complete an application for admission and to apply for financial aid. Shortly thereafter, we realized that her child would be the one to be awarded a special scholarship. Coincidentally, the recipient of the Olivia Beth Cornell Memorial Scholarship is also named “Olivia”.

We are excited to welcome Olivia Holmes into LePort Schools and we’re thankful for Chris and Kristy Cornell, who made it possible.

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Announcing the recipient of the Olivia Beth Cornell Memorial Scholarship

In January 2013, we were elated to be blessed with the birth of our firstborn child, Olivia, and basked in the joy of becoming parents. We marveled at every developmental milestone, especially her first smile that seems to have never left her face. She is a baby that beams wherever she goes and is able to brighten the faces of others with her joy. After her birth, time passed quickly and before we knew it the arduous task of finding a quality daycare was upon us.

Just as any other parents, we want our precious daughter to be nurtured in every way possible so that she may strive to accomplish anything in her future. This desire for her emotional, physical, and mental stimulation combined with personal experiences led us to fall in love with the Montessori method. However, we were devastated to find that despite our hard work we could not afford her this opportunity. We applied for financial aid and as the days passed, we eagerly awaited word from the school. When Monica LePort called I was moved to tears to find that we had been chosen to receive an unbelievably generous gift from an extraordinary family. Because of the Cornell family, our little Livi will be able to continue to spread her joy throughout the school and will gather the basic skills necessary for a successful life. No words can begin to express the gratitude that we hold in our hearts for the opportunity to provide her with such a strong foundation. We will be forever grateful for this opportunity and are excited to become a part of the LePort Montessori family.

Richelle Wildey & Casey Holmes