Within the child lies the fate of the future.Maria Montessori

Our Story: Giving the Gift of Education

Human beings universally aspire to some vision of a better tomorrow. For us at LePort Schools, this vision is of a world full of people who are knowledgeable, industrious, and joyous; who appreciate the beauty of art and nature; who know the power and majesty of a genuine human relationship; and whose dominant feeling towards others is goodwill and affection. It means a world of human flourishing.

How do we help such a vision become reality? The answer may sound cliché, but we believe it is still profoundly true: a great education. One that empowers each and every child to unabashedly seek out knowledge and proudly develop his best self so that he may enjoy the productive, happy life that is possible to him and to every human being.

At LePort, we have created an environment where such intellectual discovery and inner development occur naturally, a unique school with teachers who truly care about and motivate each child as an individual. And we are succeeding! Over the past decade we have grown from one homeschool with a handful of children to six schools with over 800 students, each a place where children gain the knowledge and cultivate the thinking skills that benefit them not just for the next test, but for life.

Now, to bring a LePort education to evermore children – through such initiatives as our newly launched Financial Aid Program – we have created Support LePort, a fundraising effort that allows the public to contribute to our cause. We believe the gift of education is unique among human giving, for once a child experiences the joy of learning, the feeling stays with him all his life. (All of us can recall that one incredible teacher who challenged us to think, to be confident in the belief that the world is ours for the making!)

Whether you have been a LePort parent for years or are hearing about our schools for the first time, we welcome you to join our educational endeavor in whatever way works best for you (see below for ways to contribute). With your help, our better tomorrow begins today.

— Give the gift of a LePort education: Financial Aid Scholarships
— Support our unique approach to education: Knowledge for Life
— Make a contribution to a specific LePort school: Campus Contributions
— Read about our cause and fundraising efforts: Support LePort Newsletter

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